domingo, 24 de julio de 2011


English V = I think it important to learn this language, cultural exchange and improve academically

material = use: notebook, pencil, eraser, books, guides and videos English

unit = I like most is the unit 2 meals, as I learned the names and I feel great
video = video, I look very good, so one view and connects you with the subject and a language more interesting

= a blogger I really like as technologically learn more and exchange ideas, themes half is provided through an very good.

class group of my fellow English = V showed solidarity, we share a lot of tasks. classes became more interesting as it alternated with followers in blogger and class, we were hanging on every issue for improvement.

English = improvement in all of English should use the blogger as a stimulus to be like and so they learn English, the technological and language

My favorite video

I think the art of the video is great, I put my son are great, their music is strange but sticky at one point, in receipt.


description of my university

academic period
                                                           September-December 2011
 ScheduledateRight-Graphic Design 02/08/2011
Humanities and Education 03/08/2011
 04 /08/2011 Administrative Sciencescall center
 engineering 05/08/2011

martes, 28 de junio de 2011


a bank in the city of Maracaibo had multiple people doing multiple account transfers, deposits, withdrawals and a lot of things, the bank had about 80 people where whereseveral companies were canceling

and reaches a gunman derrepente witha machine gun in his hand, threatening to killcustomers. He took all the money from the till and escaped with money, when estavaescapandosehubo a man who was the police detective and hit him back, the thiefgrabbed him, took him prisoner and put him to testify.

The Thief look for a defense lawyer where he wanted for release and Thursdayidentified the 25-year sentence for robbery and have endangered people.

So ends this story, the thief in jail and the detective went up in rank. Now commander,is another defense attorney.

familiar story

This is the story of my family, my family is very conservative, my father is dead and my mother enfrmea, prevented a abc, Caada and they were loved very much.

are 6 women and one man, a Germanic died of cancer two years ago and we are alltogether, good brothers.

my brother is a publicist, trbaja several radios in the city of Maracaibo

My older sister is a lawyer retired, lives in my house with my mother and my children,her mother's house to own large, dnd everyone has cell phone in their computer rooms, air conditioning, and everyone in the room, because it is our home. habitacions have 5, 3 bathrooms and a lovely terrace overlooking bbela view.

at home all my children study in private universities, scholarships and all my brothers all live in different house and are profesinonales propioa.